Why It’s Important to Reduce Energy Usage

Lowering the amount of energy we use in our daily lives is everyone’s responsibility. Making it a priority to lower the amount of energy used by large appliances will help you save money on your electric bill, and you’ll feel better about using less resources.

While it’s vital that we reduce the amount of energy that comes from fossil fuels, there’s no reason to suffer in hot climates without air conditioning. This thoughtful list of tips is meant to allow for the comfort of running an air conditioner without the negligence associated with overconsumption of natural resources.

AC Energy Saving Tip #1: Use a Fan to Help Circulate Air


  • Tools You’ll Need: In order to install a ceiling fan in your home, you’ll need to purchase a cordless drill, hardware, and fan parts. You’ll also need to have a good understanding of construction in order to install the fan properly.
  • Instructions for This Tip: Start by figuring out which room is best for a ceiling fan. Try to choose a room that is located in the center of your home to allow for maximum circulation. When you’re ready, be sure to inspect the ceiling to see if it’s a safe place to hang a heavy object.
  • How Much Money You’ll Save: If you don’t already have a fan, you may be putting excessive wear on your current air conditioning unit. If you put the fan in a good location, it could potentially reduce your air conditioner use entirely for certain months of the year.
  • Putting This Tip Into Action: You’ll likely need to find a contractor with experience to help install a ceiling fan in your home. It’s important to make sure the fan is installed by a professional who knows how to properly drill into ceilings.

AC Energy Saving Tip #2:Upgrade Your Thermostat


  • Tools You’ll Need: If you install a new smart thermostat, you’ll need a drill, wires, electrical tape, and other professional HVAC supplies.
  • Instructions for This Tip: Carefully remove the existing thermostat without causing damage to the unit. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer to install a new smart thermostat to regulate temperatures in your home.
  • How Much Money You’ll Save: Instead of leaving your air conditioning unit on all day, you’ll be able to rely on the smart thermostat to help regulate the amount of electricity used to cool your home. This will dramatically lower your electric bill each summer.

AC Energy Saving Tip #3: Keep the Blinds Closed


  • Tools You’ll Need:You’ll need to purchase curtains that are dark enough to keep sunlight from warming the inside of your home. You’ll also need curtain rods or some other way to hang fabric.
  • Instructions for This Tip:Hanging curtains will help keep the sun from warming your home, and it will also insulate the cooled off rooms of your house. Too much sunlight on the thermostat could cause it to malfunction.
  • How Much Money You’ll Save:Depending on how bright it is in your part of town, this tip could potentially save you a lot of money. If your goal is to keep cool, try to create as much shade as possible around the windows of your home.

AC Energy Saving Tip #4: Try Setting the Thermostat to a High Temperature


  • Tools You’ll Need:You don’t need any tools to experiment with this energy saving tip. Simply turn the dial on your thermostat higher than usual. However, it’s important to make sure you don’t turn on the heat.
  • Instructions for This Tip:Keep your fans running to move air throughout your home, block out sunlight with curtains, and do everything you can to insulate your windows. You’re saving energy by not running the appliance as much, but you’ll need to compensate for the amount of cool air that is typically produced.
  • How Much Money You’ll Save:If you turn your thermostat higher, you are preemptively turning off the appliance for long periods of time. After you get used to living with less air conditioning, you’ll enjoy having more money in the bank at the end of the day.

AC Energy Saving Tip #5: Maintain Proper Insulation


  • Tools You’ll Need:In order to provide adequate insulation for your home’s air conditioning needs, you must make sure that cracks and openings around doors and windows have been completely sealed. You may need to upgrade your windows, or you could try purchasing new rubber weather stripping to close off leaks.
  • Instructions for This Tip:You’ll need to do an energy audit of your home to understand where cool air may be leaking. If cold air leaks through cracks, you’ll be paying to cool off the backyard and porch. Fill in any cracks in walls with spackling, and make sure windows close properly.
  • How Much Money You’ll Save:If your home isn’t insulated properly, you may be wasting hundreds of dollars each year. Think of your home like a cooler that stores ice. If you leave the lid off the cooler, you’ll need to add more ice to keep your drinks cold.
  • Putting This Tip Into Action:Luckily, most HVAC technicians will perform an energy audit of your home without charging for it. If they find any leaks where cold air is escaping, they’ll be able to fix them quickly and easily.